Specialty Electric Services

Generators – Gunther’s Electric can either wire your generator or provide and install one for you.

  • Automatic? Works whether your home or not.
  • Manual? You must be there to turn it on or off.
  • Portable? Gasoline fuel. Doesn’t store well over time.
  • Permanent? Almost always propane or natural gas.
  • What size? Depends on what you would like to have run on generator power.

Call Gunther’s Electric to discuss the various aspects in selecting the right generator for your home or office.

Piers and Marinas – Electrical code changes and the hazards of electricity use around the water, make pier wiring an important issue for discussion. Call the company who’s been wiring piers and marinas in the mid shore area for years.

Dimming Controls – Today’s technologies allow for many new choices of how you can control lighting in both new and existing homes. We are certified and approved installers of Lutron lighting systems.

  • Master whole house control
  • Room scene controls
  • Retrofit programmable dimmers
  • Remote control dimmers

Landscape lighting – We can provide a landscape lighting design and installation that will show off your home and plantings in a new light. With our factory direct connections, we can save you money on the quality fixtures you want (instead of the kind that don’t hold up).

Paddle Fans – We install hundreds of paddle fans and related wiring every year. Whether you provide them or we do, you can’t go wrong with Gunther’s Electric’s service.

Pool and Spa Wiring – Hot tubs are all different, as are their electrical requirements. Never let an unlicensed contractor wire a spa or pool for you. Call the experts at Gunther’s Electric who will wire it safely and to current code requirements.

Structured Wiring – Pre-wiring all rooms in homes and offices for telephone, computer networks and video into one central panel is now a must do. Whether you use all the outlets or not, structured wiring improves the resale value of your home to potential buyers, who today are much more technology savvy.

Industrial motor controls – Designing single or 3 phase motor controls with interlocks, proximity sensors, magnetic motor starters,  Variable frequency drives, soft starters, etc… are no problem for Gunther’s Electric.

Farm operations – Gunther’s Electric, Inc. can design and install electrical systems for grain facilities, irrigation equipment, Grain dryers and controls.

Programmable Logic controllers – PLC programming and installations are something we can provide on an individual basis for specialized control of just about anything.

Printing press installations and troubleshooting – Gunther’s Electric has installed new printing presses, rebuilt and installed printing presses from previous operations, repaired and modified presses to make them operate as the owner has requested.

Power Quality assessment and problem resolution – we can connect  a recording meter to an existing service or machine and test for harmonics, power factor, voltage and current fluctuations, single or three phase. With this information recorded over a period ranging from 1 day to 40 days we can determine problems and provide solutions to reduce electric utility costs, problems with electronic equipment failures, etc…

Underground Electrical wires locating – Gunther’s Electric has equipment to locate underground wires that are energized or de-energized. We can locate with specialized fault locators exactly where a wire has gone bad and dig down and repair it which eliminates the need to replace long runs of wire thereby saving our customers hundreds or even thousands of dollars.