Gunther’s Client Reviews

Matt was very professional and courteous as he repaired our electrical issue !
Joy M.
John was the ultimate professional, providing expert service. I will ask for Gunther's for the next project at our home.
Larry M.

Lightning damaged several of the electronics in our house. I scheduled for an electrician to come out today and Dave was here, on time. He is professional and friendly...and he like dogs! Dave quickly and efficiently diagnosed each problem and was able to repair some items and give us direction for non-electrical repairs, such as HVAC and plumbing. Next time we need an electrical service, I guarantee it will be Gunther’s Electric!

Michael B.

Thank you all for your efforts


I want to thank you, Gunther’s Electric, and especially Charlie and Stefan for all the work you have done for us.

Last Monday, when we arrived at work to find a badly damaged high priority circuit, we knew two things:

  • We knew that with that circuit down, over 50% of our operation was at a standstill.
  • We knew your phone number.

You answered that call, diverted your two best men, and got us back up and running.  Charlie and Stefan returned today to complete the repair, doing so on our schedule so as not to impact our production needs.  As with all your work, the results are neat, safe and reliable.  I only hope that I reach retirement before Charlie and Stefan because electrical problems just won’t be the same without those guys.

So thank you all for your efforts on our behalf.

I have known Mike Schiwy and his family for a number years.  Even though Gunther's Electric is in Wye Mills and I am in Annapolis, I wanted to use a firm I know and trust versus a local Annapolis electrician that would be an unknown to me.  Gunther's Electric installed four new light fixtures where none previously existed, updated the trim on all of my existing can lights, and upgraded my bathroom receptacles to meet code.  Dave and Kevin were professional, gave me good advice, and did a fabulous job installing and upgrading my electrical service.  I am very happy and satisfied with the work Gunther's Electric did for me and I can recommend them without reservation.

Well Run Family Organization

I have worked with Mike and the Gunther’s Electric crew for over 10 years, primarily in a commercial setting, however also for residential jobs.  Gunther’s is a well-run family organization, and that shows through their workmanship, respectful employees, approachability and extensive knowledge.  The experienced electricians’ on their crew enable jobs to move smoothly, and the customer knows the job will be done correctly.   You know you will get a wealth of experience, great customer service, and a job well done!