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Gunther’s Electric Inc., celebrates 60 Years of Business!

Gunther’s Electric, Inc. was founded by Gunther & Regina Schiwy in 1961. It began its life as a budding business in the Schiwy’s home basement on Route 50 in Wye Mills. Gunther started gaining his clients knocking door to door asking homeowner’s and businesses if they needed electrical work done. As Gunther gained the respect of his customers, he began adding key employees who would help build the company’s reputation to what it is today. Gunther’s Electric Inc. is a true family business. Gunther & Regina hired their daughter Irmi Preston in 1977, who worked here for over 30 years, and in 1992 the business was sold to the Schiwy’s son and daughter-in-law Michael & Trudy Schiwy.

In 2014 Gunther’s Electric, Inc. suffered the tragic loss of Michael. Devastating as it was, we are incredibly thankful for the efforts of Trudy and the rest of the team here to keep the dream alive. Now remarried, Trudy Abbott continues to lead the company on. She is now accompanied by the help of her son Matt Schiwy, who is working towards one day buying the business himself and continuing on the family legacy. We attribute the longevity of the business to our many loyal employees and customers, who have helped build the strong foundation that has allowed Gunther’s Electric to succeed 60 years later!